Monday, November 14, 2011

life & death photo challenge: announcement of "winning" submissions

i want to thank everyone who submitted to the life & death photo challenge. 
this theme is always captivating and can be approached in so many ways. 
i enjoyed looking at each artist’s different perspective.

life and death are subjects that have always been at the forefront of the artist’s mind; 
whether we are trying to deal with the loss of a loved one, 
capture forever a moment that is gone or 
cling to the hope of a new beginning. 

personally, i was most attracted to the more abstract images; 
the photographs that were not quite so literal yet held a dreamlike, eerie essence instead. 
some appeared almost as if they had come out of the world of edgar allen poe 
it was those images that portrayed the mysterious and esoteric qualities of both life and death 
that were able to catch and keep my eye. 
with that being said, I also connected to the literal nature of amelia fletcher’s 
second image of the tiny, deceased bird, taking something that can, at first, 
seem shocking or even grotesque and presenting it in a manner that is both beautiful and poetic.  

- michelle jammes
gallery manager
new rochelle, new york

thank you once again for participating in this bulb photo challenge.
we look forward to the upcoming blog features presented by each of the following photographers:

amelia fletcher

audry schapai

christy megenbir

and in the professional category:

amy lorino

*all jurors of bulb photo challenges are third party volunteers that are not compensated for their participation.
*all submissions are presented to the juror without identification of the photographer responsible; they are completely anonymous to the juror.

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