Tuesday, June 22, 2010

c&c photo factory

image by
kevin "my favorite student" agnew

image by ester vilagran

yet another great group of students finishes up another section of content & composition at tlf...
c&c I is five fun-filled weeks dedicated to figuring out what goes into making a good photograph and where to put it!
the first few classes always focus on the rules of composition; how to move the viewer's eye through the frame, what is distracting to the viewer, what attracts the viewer... it is very viewer-centric to begin with.
the later part of the course is all about the artist-photographer...

every student puts their heart & soul into putting some heart & soul into each image.
for some, it is the natural next step. for others, a journey of self-discovery. for most, it is a battle between the things you want to say, the things you need to say and the things you are not supposed to say.
it is rarely simple, but it is always worth it.
this class was no exception. with only two students, the burden to entertain me was certainly present, but they kept me thinking and laughing and full of pride. below, i share with you my two wonderful students' two favorite images.

introducing, ester and kevin...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

rock stars

image by matthew pock

image by matthew pock

image by john constenoble

image by john costenoble

all of my students are rock stars...
last weekend, however, tlf alum, matt & john, got to work like rock stars!
m4 messenger (with my buddy jes seda) played at the visulite over memorial day weekend
and the guys got to hang out and photograph the show.
they both did a great job and rumor has it that the band was pretty happy!
here are just a few shots & a few links to check out...

m4 messenger's facebook page

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the first one

image by taylor blanchard

image by brigid mullany

it is my inaugural blog! whoo hoo!
i thought a great way to start blogging was to acknowledge some of the many accomplishments of my wonderful students...
lots of people entered the light factory's members show and made me proud!
it takes a lot of chutzpah to hang your work on a big white wall!!
thank you for being brave!
a special congratulations goes out to brigid & taylor... their images were awarded honorable mentions!!
if you have not seen the show, please stop by tlf and support our charlotte photographers & arts education!