Saturday, December 25, 2010

a holiday gift for bulb followers

happy holidays to you all! here is a little token from baron & reynolds:

this weeks topic is "tangerine".

Any time I eat fruit, I think of the texture of the skin. No idea why. When Sarah said our project was Tangerine, I though of shooting everything Orange. Then anything fruit-ish that is growing (but in the winter, next to impossible), then I thought about taking my camera to the store and shooting the fruits and vegetable displays and quickly realized that the store management would frown upon that pretty quick. Especially when I bring in some speedlights and light stands. Instead I raided our fridge and captured the skin of various items. Noticing the all the differences was fascinating. How did the nicks get there or the scratches? The random brown spots. All the perfect imperfections.

image by craig reynolds

image by craig reynolds

image by craig reynolds

image by craig reynolds

image by craig reynolds

i do not like citrus fruit. or fruit in general, for that matter.
i do like the color orange though.
i imagine that someone who likes tangerines would tell me that 
an orange is not the same as a tangerine,
but i don't care.
i like orange and tangerines are orange.

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

Monday, December 13, 2010

happy monday to you all

as reynolds and i pile into our cars and prepare for our commutes,
we bid you a cheerful "good morning"!
reynolds has a far longer journey than i, as he passes through the mountains of regular and west virginias
on his way back to columbus.
i begin my day atop a surprisingly cold garage rooftop in uptown charlotte.
it is a remarkably quiet place at 6 in the morning
and it reminds me to upload and email my weekly photo submissions...

solitude a la reynolds & baron...

I've been an introvert my entire life. I once thought I was shy, and to a degree, around women, I am, but the truth is that I like being alone. With my thoughts to keep me company, I use that time to look inward and analyze who I am and what I've become. Lately, I've had nothing but time alone as I'm working in Columbus, Ohio, leaving my fiance and kids in Charlotte. Every weekend I go home because being away from them becomes harder and harder. I miss their energy, their presence. Walking into my apartment after spending the weekend with them sucks. So I hop in my car and think. I think about the foundation I am laying to provide for my family. I think about how much I like my car. I think about the photos I'd love to take along my route (one day I'm going to do it) and I think about how much I love my family. So much, I'm willing to sacrifice this time with them.

image by craig reynolds

image by craig reynolds

embrace it

cherish it 

use it

or it will eat at you

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

Monday, December 6, 2010

history of photo experiments with digital pinhole

i do not have a digital camera,
but i purchased a dustless pinhole body cap from
pinhole resource so my students could experiment with one of my favorite forms of photography!
the history of photo students at aich attempted digital pinhole out a few weeks ago
with beautiful results...

image by amanda adams

image by suzie diaz

image by sarah grantham

image by kamisha linen

image by amir martin

image by lamar myers

image by courtney parlier

image by paul tilton

image by uraina weaver

image by kendra witherspoon

image by jason woods

Sunday, December 5, 2010

seasonal affective disorder

are you really happy?
is that a problem for you?
let reynolds & baron take care of that good mood for you!

topic: feels like a memory

Since I've relocated to Columbus, OH I've had to revert back to my winter ways. Scrapers, longer socks, boots, long sleeve shirts, layers. I haven't scraped snow and ice off of my car window in 6 years, so the other morning, out of habit, I jumped in my car one morning, put my things down, started my car and quickly realized I couldn't see through my windows due to the frosty covering. It brought me back to when I was a little dude, and watching my mom or dad get out of the car to scrape the windows while I sat inside the running car, doing my best to stay warm. I'd look at the patterns the snow and ice made while I shivered, until that loud scraping sound would wipe it all out, giving me a clear view of one of the two people who loved me most as a little kid. For a brief moment, I waited for that scraping sound.

"frozen window" by craig reynolds

"frozen window II" by craig reynolds

i remember waiting for my dad to come home from work...
6 o'clock on the dot; by 6:15 he was in his swimsuit.

rambunctious, tossing, laughter, trampoline, splash
floating, skimming, balancing, smelling of chlorine

summers were fun as the family floated around.
winters were hollow as leaves replaced our tanned bodies.

you'd think i'd dislike the latter part of the year,
but i enjoy the bittersweetness of winter... it makes the memories that much sweeter.

image by sarah c baron

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

reynolds has left the building & a new project has begun!

...reynolds has abandoned me for a better life in ohio.
i can't blame him, i'd do the same if i had the chance!

now we are charged with keeping the creative relationship alive despite the distance!

a weekly topic and photographic assignment, a yet to be titled project, is our answer.
every week we will give ourselves a topic to explore and interpret in images.
we plan to alternate who choses the subject and as far as subject goes, there are no rules!

reynolds was in charge for this, our inaugural assignment.
the topic or subject that he challenged us with was "mainstreet".

here is what has come of this new cooperative creative stream-of-consciousness endeavor...

Main Street. Every town, city, village has a main street. Not necessarily a Main Street, but a main street. The one artery that establishes that location as the central piece of that area. Some main streets are the defining character of what ever little location it runs through as it seems everything branches off of it. It's the headquarters. Parades are held there. Shopping is conducted there. Loitering by unruly teens is another common attraction. Main street, or main street, not always the same thing.

"candid pedestrian" by craig reynolds

"high street" by craig reynolds

"street" by craig reynolds

when i think main street, the words "home town" run through my mind.
and with that, various tunes and song lyrics about home town life.
(mellancamp, springsteen, iris dement, another lovely song i cannot link to a band...)
as the songs float around in my brain, i am reminded that although i was born somewhere,
my nomadic childhood (and adulthood, for that matter) has left me emotionally "home less".
but the notion of a hometown is vivid in my subconscious. 
these images represent the idyllic home town that thrives only in my imagination.

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

Monday, November 8, 2010

design goes abstract

charged with the job of taking something ordinary and making it unrecognizable & extraordinary,
the photographic design class at aich, once again, tackles abstract photography with panache!

check them out!

chad currie

misti elliot

latonjia gill

malia horne

jordan fogal

jullian smith

melissa rivera

kelsey smith

michael squirewell

simon torres

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

beautiful images from lovely people

hey bulb bloggers!
we haven't heard from the light factory crew in a while
so here is a gorgeous image from tlf content & composition alum,
bob cochran!

for all of my lovely techies, here are some details...
"i was composing for a sunrise when a hunter's shotgun sounded on the other side of the lake. the wildlife near me flew up from everywhere. my camera was on a tripod and i was using a remote shutter cable. i only had time to hit the switch. nikon d300s  105mm f2.8 lens   1/80 sec f8  100 iso shooting in manual mode" 

thank you for sharing with us, bob!

lake norman sunrise with geese by bob cochran

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blueprint for fun

when you have been raised on digital photography, as some students have,
studying people who made photographic images using chemicals and the sun can be difficult to understand.
once again, the aich history of photography class got the chance to learn contact
printing by making contact prints!
we took those sun print kits outside on a not-so-sunny day and still made beautiful images.

here are the results of the class' experiments...