Tuesday, October 26, 2010

beautiful images from lovely people

hey bulb bloggers!
we haven't heard from the light factory crew in a while
so here is a gorgeous image from tlf content & composition alum,
bob cochran!

for all of my lovely techies, here are some details...
"i was composing for a sunrise when a hunter's shotgun sounded on the other side of the lake. the wildlife near me flew up from everywhere. my camera was on a tripod and i was using a remote shutter cable. i only had time to hit the switch. nikon d300s  105mm f2.8 lens   1/80 sec f8  100 iso shooting in manual mode" 

thank you for sharing with us, bob!

lake norman sunrise with geese by bob cochran

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

blueprint for fun

when you have been raised on digital photography, as some students have,
studying people who made photographic images using chemicals and the sun can be difficult to understand.
once again, the aich history of photography class got the chance to learn contact
printing by making contact prints!
we took those sun print kits outside on a not-so-sunny day and still made beautiful images.

here are the results of the class' experiments...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

students successfully solving problems! (continued)

the following images were made by jennifer selevitch for the same scavenger hunt assignment...
more success for the aich photo design students!

feels like a memory

animal, non-domestic




Wednesday, October 13, 2010

students successfully solving problems!

one of the classes that i teach at the art institute of charlotte is called photographic design.
essentially, we focus on designing or composing a photograph.
we also problem solve complex ideas in order to make photographs that mean something.

one assignment that i give the students is a conceptual scavenger hunt.
each week i assign a few broad ideas that each student must interpret in photographic images.

week 1:
1. blue
2. home
3. happiness

at the end of the quarter, each student has a portfolio of varied images
each photographed to illustrate a strong understanding of photographic technique & composition and to express a particular meaning.

this is the work of courtney parlier... proud graduate of photographic design!!
nice work, courtney!


animal, non-domestic




Tuesday, October 5, 2010

check out this photo exhibition in person & online

hey blog friends!
i have a piece in a group show/art project!
if you live in the chicago or minneapolis areas,
please visit the exhibition when it comes to town.

if you live elsewhere,
please visit the show here.

(and if you know of a gallery in your city that might be interested in exhibiting these works,
please get in touch with me and i will forward that information to the show's curator!)

courtesy of michelle westmark & judson university

courtesy of michelle westmark & judson university

courtesy of michelle westmark & judson university