Monday, July 30, 2012

forty-niner pride

check out these uncc-ers
making the ol' alma mater look good!

mary miller & valerie justice
have had their work featured on kodak's
a thousand words blog!!

way to go ladies!
keep shooting that film!

KodakKerouacs: On the road; film in the camera

Monday, July 23, 2012

announcing the winners of the transience challenge

i want to thank everyone who submitted to the transience photo challenge
there were many excellent submissions and 
i thoroughly enjoyed seeing how each artist rendered the concept of transience in still photography. 

the strength in our contest winner's image came not only from it's subject matter, 

but in the technique used for producing the final piece.  
this series of partially overlapping exposures strings together what may be read as a brief narrative; 
a transition from an eerie wooded landscape into a cave-like shelter.  
both atmospheres attesting to the inherent impermanence of our natural world.  

the ephemeral quality of objects and spaces has always intrigued me 
and often finds its way into my own work.  
it is an underlying truth for all things, 
though it is more apparent in nature than it is in architecture.

- jake selvidio

congratulations to our first place winner, shireen alborno, 
a student at the university of north carolina at charlotte
and our runner up, kyler davis,
who attends old dominion university in norfolk, virginia!

both winners will receive a post on the blog featuring their work
and shireen gets the coveted custom camera strap!!

stay tuned for the features and more details on future challenges!

runner up: kyler davis, ODU

first price winner:
shireen alborno, UNCC

Friday, July 13, 2012

exciting news... the second annual cell phone photography challenge is here!

ladies & gentlemen,
friends & followers,
bulbArts is bringing back our wildly popular
cell phone photography challenge!

this will be our second cell phone based photo challenge
and we plan to make this a yearly tradition!

all photographs taken with a cell phone are eligible.
you can use any phone with any camera or editing app that you'd like.
you can even use the photo editing software on your computer,
as long as you take the image with the camera on your phone.

anyone can enter!
students, professionals, artists, doctors, bankers, literally, anyone!
as usual, to help keep the judging fair,
we have two categories for submissions:
the "student/amateur" category
and the "professional/experienced" category.
the exhibition with combine both,
but the juror will judge each category separately.

i can't tell you how exciting this is!
we are lucky enough to have a fantastic special guest juror lined up for this challenge...
glyn evans, the founder and editor of
has agreed to serve as juror and choose the winners of the competition!!!
iphoneography is an amazing blog that glyn began
to connect the iphone photographers of the world.
they test out apps, provide reviews & links and show iphone imagery.
the blog is just a great source for all things related to iphoneography!
be sure to sure thank him by following him on twitter & visiting his blog.

all winners chosen by glyn will be given
their very own feature on the bulbArts blog.
winners can show whatever photographic work they'd like to share.
the first place winner of the amateur category
will also win a glif, a tripod mount & stand for the iphone 4/4s!
don't worry, if our winner doesn't have an iphone,
we will have another prize to offer.

so bulbers,
dig into your camera roll and find your best images
or pull that phone out and start shooting again!
submit images to this fun challenge
so glyn has plenty of amazing cell phone photographs to choose from!

submission guidelines:
* each person my submit up to three (3) photographs
* images must be taken with a cell phone - cell phone brand doesn't matter
* files should be resized to a resolution of 72 and 10 inches on the longest side
* save your files as jpegs and label them with your first and last name and number from 1 to 3
    - example: my third image submission would be titled, SarahBaron3.jpeg
* email all images in one message to
* please put "cell challenge" in the subject line
* in your email, include your name and the category that your work should be judged in
    - choose either "student/amateur" or "professional/experienced"

the deadline for submissions is august 31, 2012!

once submissions are received, the exhibition will be curated and posted.
the juror will then make the decision and winners will be announced in a separate post.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bulbArts proudly presents: the transience challenge exhibition

this challenge was one that was close to my heart.
photography and transience just go hand in hand in my mind.
my own personal work always seems to deal with a subject that is fleeting.
it was refreshing to learn that so many young photographers feel the same connection.

the thing i enjoyed most about the submissions
was how varied the viewpoints were.
some of the photographs were dark and solemn,
a reminiscence of sorts,
while others were light and cheerful
and some, just so full of hope.
i imagine our juror is struggling right this moment
with his decision for that very reason!

remember, this concept was supplied not by me,
but by the followers of the blog,
the challengers who participate regularly,
by you.

please enjoy the exhibition... transience

image by justin engel

image by shireen alborno

image by gaetano sparagna

image by mark renz

image by graham morrison

image by suzie diaz

image by kyler davis

image by mark renz

image by sarah c baron
(not included in juried images)

image by justin engel

image by shireen alborno

image by graham morrison

visit the blog at the end of the week for the results of the competition
and find out who won a brand new custom camera strap!