Tuesday, May 31, 2011

good news everybody...

this friday, june 3rd,
cpcc will be hosting a reception for the
opening of my photographic exhibition!

from 6pm until 8pm
we will be having a load of fun
looking at photographs, chatting and enjoying complimentary beverages!

please come out & join in the festivities!

the gallery is pretty easy to find...
it is at the college's main campus in downtown charlotte.
the ross gallery is located on the corner of
elizabeth & kings in the overcash building.

this is a map of the location
this is the gallery website, which has not yet been updated.

i will be exhibiting some new images from dual citizenship
& a few small pieces from the seen better days series.

tree: brooklyn, ny & concord, nc   by sarah c baron

crabbier from the seen better days series   by sarah c baron

Monday, May 23, 2011

installment three: dark secret's award winning photographer, mike baker

sorry it has been so long, bulb-ers!
i've been busy with, well, life
and art! (updates to follow)

here is the last installment of award winning images 
from the dark secret challenge.
this "dark" collection belongs to mike baker.
he tells a story of either a really good night...
or a really bad night!

enjoy the images and decide for yourself!

By day, I toil in a software factory.  Its a good living, but while one lobe of my brain is solving logic problems, the other is taking photographs.  Photography is a creative outlet, which I also hope to apply towards environmental and social projects in the future.  

This project about night life and debauchery was done as a class exercise in my on-going and never-ending education of art and imagery.

-Mike Baker

image by mike baker

image by mike baker

images by mike baker

image by mike baker

image by mike baker

image by mike baker

image by mike baker

image by mike baker