Monday, July 23, 2012

announcing the winners of the transience challenge

i want to thank everyone who submitted to the transience photo challenge
there were many excellent submissions and 
i thoroughly enjoyed seeing how each artist rendered the concept of transience in still photography. 

the strength in our contest winner's image came not only from it's subject matter, 

but in the technique used for producing the final piece.  
this series of partially overlapping exposures strings together what may be read as a brief narrative; 
a transition from an eerie wooded landscape into a cave-like shelter.  
both atmospheres attesting to the inherent impermanence of our natural world.  

the ephemeral quality of objects and spaces has always intrigued me 
and often finds its way into my own work.  
it is an underlying truth for all things, 
though it is more apparent in nature than it is in architecture.

- jake selvidio

congratulations to our first place winner, shireen alborno, 
a student at the university of north carolina at charlotte
and our runner up, kyler davis,
who attends old dominion university in norfolk, virginia!

both winners will receive a post on the blog featuring their work
and shireen gets the coveted custom camera strap!!

stay tuned for the features and more details on future challenges!

runner up: kyler davis, ODU

first price winner:
shireen alborno, UNCC

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