Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring 2012 Photography Challenge... Transience

hello bulb followers.

it is that time again... photo challenge time!

based upon the suggestions of our followers,
we have settled on the idea of transience for our topic.
transience can be described as the state or quality of
passing with time or being ephemeral or fleeting.

for me, spring brings fresh weather,
the desire to go somewhere,
to see something new,
to make a clean start,
but spring is short and that feeling doesn't last forever.
transience seems to fit well into both this season
and the medium of photography, which is time based.

explore the idea of transience on your own
and interpret in photographs!

the challenge is open to all photographers
of all levels of experience,
using all types of photographic media.
(you may use film, alternative processes, digital, video stills, cell phones, etc.)

*submit your images to bulbArts via an email to
     *please put the word "transience" in the subject line
     *include in your email your full name, mailing & email address
       and specify the student/amateur or professional/experienced category
*images should be a resolution of 72ppi, 10 inches on the longest side
*images should be flattened jpeg files
*please title these files with your full name and number them (SarahBaron1.jpg)
*limit 2 images per photographer

*** the deadline for the transience photo challenge is June 1, 2012

bulbArts will curate and exhibit an online exhibition.
the submissions will be sent anonymously to our guest juror, jake selvidio.
mr. selvidio is a photographic artist, designer and educator based in new york city!
he will choose two winners from the amateur category and one from the professional.

all winners will be given a feature on the blog
to exhibit a larger selection of their photographic work.

the first place winner in the amateur category will, for the first time in bulbArts history,
also receive a great prize... a cool, custom-made camera strap from Couch!
this brand new camera strap is upcycled from material intended to reupholster volkswagen seats.
it is red, it is unique, it is pretty darn cool!  (thanks to amy lorino for the donation)

first prize is this awesome couch camera strap!
its is a brand new, custom-made strap made from volkswagen vinyl.
image by sarah c baron

we look forward to your transience image!!

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