Saturday, March 10, 2012

let's collaborate!

for the past two years i have been coming up with the concepts and topics
for the bulb photo challenges all on my own.

i thought it might be a lot of fun if you, the followers of bulb,
choose the next topic for our april bulb photo challenge!

all you have to do is submit a comment to this blog post
containing your suggested challenge idea.

keep in mind that we usually sponsor a broader conceptually based contest
rather than just a genre challenge like nudes or landscapes.

i look forward to reading some interesting ideas
and presenting a really fun spring photo challenge!!


  1. I think an interesting concept and a visually stimulating photograph would be the idea of silence or solitude.

  2. Project Object! This challenge will essentially act as a scavenger hunt, but through photography. We will all receive a list of items (nothing extremely specific) and we must photograph those items. We could also conceptualize the objects artistically however we would like. Examples would be: something broken, an abandoned house, balloons, and so on.

  3. Portray what paradise means to you in a photograph.

  4. I think it would be interesting and challenging to create images using lighting and Photoshops techniques that emulate certain movies that we are inspired by, whether they are old and gray in tint or colorful and cartoon-like etc. I watched the movie "Hugo" and am inspired by the colors and filters used for that film to create photographs in that type of style.