Sunday, March 27, 2011

dark secret: the results

and here are the results of the dark secret challenge...

I enjoyed seeing everyone's 'dark secrets'.  Dark secrets, unlike gossip, are those that no one really knows about; the ones that are so secret that we only reveal them to our closest companions, if at all. They are told in code to help maintain their secrecy and are hidden in the deepest part of our minds.  Of the works submitted, I gravitated torwards  those pictures that represented a secret held, but not revealed.  Some of the more literal approaches were exciting. In the end, I wanted to spend more time with the selected works and continuously question the nature of the secret being depicted.  I pondered my own deep secrets and how they are manifested in my life.

- sean carroll

thanks to everyone who submitted images & congratulations to the following photographers:

graham morrison

liz poulin

michael baker
because the submissions were all so strong, 
sean chose three extra images that he thought also deserved a mention...

jenny hanson, alicia spina & michael o'neill

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