Tuesday, November 30, 2010

reynolds has left the building & a new project has begun!

...reynolds has abandoned me for a better life in ohio.
i can't blame him, i'd do the same if i had the chance!

now we are charged with keeping the creative relationship alive despite the distance!

a weekly topic and photographic assignment, a yet to be titled project, is our answer.
every week we will give ourselves a topic to explore and interpret in images.
we plan to alternate who choses the subject and as far as subject goes, there are no rules!

reynolds was in charge for this, our inaugural assignment.
the topic or subject that he challenged us with was "mainstreet".

here is what has come of this new cooperative creative stream-of-consciousness endeavor...

Main Street. Every town, city, village has a main street. Not necessarily a Main Street, but a main street. The one artery that establishes that location as the central piece of that area. Some main streets are the defining character of what ever little location it runs through as it seems everything branches off of it. It's the headquarters. Parades are held there. Shopping is conducted there. Loitering by unruly teens is another common attraction. Main street, or main street, not always the same thing.

"candid pedestrian" by craig reynolds

"high street" by craig reynolds

"street" by craig reynolds

when i think main street, the words "home town" run through my mind.
and with that, various tunes and song lyrics about home town life.
(mellancamp, springsteen, iris dement, another lovely song i cannot link to a band...)
as the songs float around in my brain, i am reminded that although i was born somewhere,
my nomadic childhood (and adulthood, for that matter) has left me emotionally "home less".
but the notion of a hometown is vivid in my subconscious. 
these images represent the idyllic home town that thrives only in my imagination.

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

image by sarah c baron

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