Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my blog's redheaded step children

image by courtney parlier
image by blake cyrier

image by sarah grantham

image by paul tilton

students taking the digital printing class that i teach at AiCH
get a little gypped when it comes to having their work exhibited on the blog.
the whole point of a printing class is to do just that... print.

printing requires a lot of practice & a lot of paper!
what some people fail to consider (even some students in the beginning)
is that in order to make a good print,
you still need to take a good photograph!
and this group of students is handling ALL aspects of the process well.

the assignment isn't the most thrilling,
but the students have accepted even the most banal project with gusto...

still life photographs in the traditional style of some of those old dutch masters like vermeer & van eyck.
learning to handle light tenderly... finding papers that compliment images... lovely work... even in their digital forms.

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