Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dipping our toes in the waters of alternative processes

for those of you not up on your art history, sir john herschel was a chemist, astronomer & innovator of the photographic medium.  the cyanotype was a little invention born from his burning desire to copy notes faster... (photo geek-ness in its earliest form!)  the resulting images were beautiful blue (cyan) & white silhouettes.

the history of photography class at the art institute of charlotte got the chance to try their hand at making cyanotype-like images last week.  we used premade sunprint kits, what ever was lying around in the outdoor courtyard area on campus and the bright ultra-violet light of the sun.  to make an image, you simply place objects on treated paper, expose to light and then rinse with water.

the group returned to the classroom together with a large collage that they collaborated on.  instead of ten lonely prints, they created a huge u-shaped work of art.

enjoy all ten sunprints separately as well and the intended "whole" image.

if this idea intrigues you, order a sunprint kit for yourself

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